Refund Policy

 Learning experiences and/or activities that do not take place due to bank holidays in the city where they take place, illness or indisposition of the Learner, or for any other similar cause, as well as for reasons of force majeure, will not be recoverable and the Learner, the Client(s) and, where applicable, the Legal Representative(s), will not be entitled to any compensation or indemnity. (Extract from T&Cs,  section 11)

 The Client(s) and/or, where applicable, the Legal Representative(s), may terminate this agreement and withdraw from a Programme at any time providing at least 15 days’ prior written notice. Any fee paid in advance shall not be refundable, except for up-front annual payments in which case fees for unused complete months will be refunded when termination is caused by extraordinary or unforeseeable circumstances as determined by Learnlife (e.g. prolonged learner illness, force majeure). (Extract from T&Cs,  section 9.2)