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Workshop: Cultural Alignment for Flourishing Learning Communities:

Workshop: Cultural Alignment for Flourishing Learning Communities:

Join educational leader David Penberg to delve into the importance of envisaging schools as learning communities and the ways joy and failure are crucial to the life cycle of schools.

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Embark on an engaging, hands-on journey with Dr. David Penberg as he guides educational leaders, educators, and edupreneurs through a transformative workshop experience. Join us to deepen your understanding of cultural alignment within schools and community spaces

Over two, 90-minute workshops, participants will delve into the profound relationship between a school's mission statement and the vibrant culture that breathes life into its halls.

Discover the power of "cultural rounds" and "instructional rounds" as dynamic tools for sparking positive change within educational environments. Learn how  these innovative concepts, grounded in appreciative inquiry, pave the way for enduring transformation.

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