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Spark - Discover your passions

Spark - Discover your passions

Spark new interests while exploring new & exciting topics each week!

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    18:00 - 19:00

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    Starts first Monday of the month

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How does it work?

Learners join a creative, hands-on session each week with a new topic to spark their interest. At the end of each month, we speak with the learners and use this feedback to decide what we want to explore next. A learning democracy!

Through Learnlife Spark, learners join our international community and are introduced to our building blocks and project-based learning methodology.

Learnlife Spark programme is aimed at families who seek to step out beyond the traditional school experience.

What topics are coming up?

Space food:

Do you think astronauts eat a little or a lot of vegetables? And chocolate? Astronauts need to think about what type of food to include in their meals so it's a BALANCED diet.
Since we're all astronauts in the ISS, our mission is to create one healthy and balanced meal for our colleagues.


Learn about different types of dinosaurs: their adaptations, food, size and speed. Create, design, paint, cut and name your own dinosaur given a chosen environment. What does your dinosaur eat? Why is it its size? Can it fly? swim? run? jump? Why?


Learn about the physics of a parachute! Present your mission for your special toy and create a parachute that will help it succeed! We will test our parachutes on camera.

Re-enacting famous paintings:

Get inspired by Michelangelo, Dali, Picasso, etc and use costumes and/or items around you to re-enact the art!

Topics for the following month will update shortly before the end of the current month to allow our learners to have a say in what comes next!

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