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Photography 101

Photography 101

Explore the world of photography, learn tips and tricks to take the pictures you've always wanted to take!

Trial session available, read full details below.

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Full programme details

Photography with Ed is based on creating images through digital and manual photography. Come to explore the world of photography, learn tips and tricks and learn to take the pictures you've always wanted to take! We will go on walks around Barcelona taking photos of various environments, go to photography exhibitions and take challenge and themed-based photos.

What will you learn/do?

  • Different photographers and styles throughout history
  • How to use different types of cameras be it phone cameras, DSLR cameras, film cameras, pinhole cameras and the cyanotype image-making process.
  • Composition; where content goes in images and how to crop to make your images match the rule of thirds or the golden ratio.
  • How to shoot manually with DSLR cameras which means that you will have full control over the camera’s features and are more at one with the camera.
  • Multiple skill challenges will help you understand the camera more and engage with the world around you.

What do you need?

No previous knowledge or skill level is required but you need to bring a camera of your choice or a mobile phone with a decent camera on it to take your pics!

Trial Session

When your purchase this programme, join us for the first session of the term and if you don't enjoy the experience, we will refund you in full, no questions asked!

  • Time & Day

    17:30 - 19:00

  • Dates

    Term 1: September 22nd - December 15th (2022)

    Term 2: January 12th - March 30th (2023)

    Term 3: April 20th - June 15th (2023)

  • Age Range


  • Location

    Learnlife Urban Hub
    Carrer d'Enric Granados, 7,

Payment details

This programme is offered with a "per term" price commitment. All programme term dates are on this page. Sessions that fall on holidays will not run, this has been factored into the planning and pricing.

Please note: All our afterschool programmes have a minimum number of learners needed to run. If we do not reach this number you will be informed no later than 7 days before the programme start date and refunded in full.

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